“Big Boy” Train Visit

The Union Pacific Railroad’s antique steam engine train made a tour through Western Kansas in September on its way to Colorado. We took some photos and videos of the train as it passed through Trego County on its way to a stop in Quinter the morning of Saturday, September 4th. People came from all over the area to see what an actual steam engine train looks like and sounds like. The soft clickety-clack and swooshing of the water as it moved pistons was neat to hear and you could actually see the steam shooting off the train top, and steam and water running off the bottom of the train at one point! Onlookers were delighted with the show as train workers made their checks and prepared the train for its departure.

HOPE YOU ENJOY THE VIDEO BELOW: (click on the arrow)

The video was made in conjuction with a lecture offered at the TREGO COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY “Railroaded: The Industry that Shaped Kansas,” presented by Leo Olivia on Sunday, October 3rd and sponsored by Humanities Kansas.